Reltie Pools Open on Uniswap

The unicorn is in for a treat. As of 13:00 UTC, May 17th, RELI, the native token of the Relite ecosystem, is listed on Uniswap, the world’s largest decentralised exchange.

RELI on Uniswap

Swap ETH to RELI: Uniswap

You can trade RELI freely on Uniswap here.

The contract address for RELI is 0x0E58ED58E150dba5fd8e5D4A49F54C7e1E880124

Liquidity will initially be in Uniswap V2 prior to migration to V3. If you receive the message ‘No liquidity! Click to trade with V2’, hit that button and you’ll be able to access RELI on Uniswap.

Note: Please be aware that the only contract address for RELI is that stated above. There will be fraudulent versions of RELI. If in doubt, please ask an admin in the Relite Community.

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Relite Finance: IDO Timeline

Eight months ago the Relite Finance team set out on a mission with one goal in mind; to redefine the DeFi space. As proponents of the decentralised finance ecosystem, we saw all the beauty and potential of what is sure to be the future of finance, but the flaws presented themselves equally obviously.

That’s why we created Relite, to address the problems of interoperability, usability, and over collateralisation. We’re on track to do that, and a whole lot more.

The RELI token generation event will accompany the IDO on Paid Network’s Ignition Launchpad. There’s no doubt that the hard work…

The RELI Reserve Fund: The Support of the Relite Ecosystem

Relite is all about making DeFi accessible for everyone. Users can hold, trade, and stake crypto assets from different blockchains on one protocol. Thanks to Relite, loans can be made in Ethereum and collateralized in Bitcoin. As DeFi moves into the mainstream, ease of use will no longer be seen as an added bonus but an absolute necessity.

However, the difficulty of use is not the only thing standing in the way of more people moving into the DeFi world.

Crypto is a very volatile space. It is not uncommon to see smaller altcoins lose or gain 50% of their…

Company Updates — Volume 2

Dear Relite Finance community,

Thank you for your continued support of Relite Finance! As usual, we have some very exciting news for you on multiple fronts: our audit with Certik, results of our NFT giveaway contest, and, of course, news about our highly-anticipated upcoming IDO on Ignition and listing of our RELI token.

1. Security Audit

Relite has passed its audit with Certik with flying colors! In DeFi, security is number one.

The coming months will see the launch of RELI staking on the Relite platform. …

Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, and Mark Cuban are among the billionaires and celebrities involved in the NFT trend. With such heavy hitters, you expect some NFT products to fetch prices around the 7-figure region or even higher. It, therefore, becomes logical to reason that, like traditional assets, the owners of NFTs may want to use them as collateral for loans.

We are Relite Finance, a cross-chain lending solution that simplifies borrowing and lending through interoperability, achieving lower collateral for lending products and fair fees for transactions. …

There are two words on the lips of everyone in the blockchain space right now; DeFi and NFT.

Here at Relite HQ, we’re a huge fan of both! As the Relite platform launches and we continue to deliver on our roadmap, Relite users will be able to unlock the world of DeFi through their NFTs. Using NFTs as collateral, the open future of finance will be a little more open.

The Relite NFT Competition

Redefining DeFi — Relite Finance

Following the excellent news that Master Ventures has decided to invest in Relite as part of their incubation MV FUEL platform, the question is: What was the potential that a Ventures Studio like MV saw in Relite Finance?

Based on the current demand for decentralized digital coins, the world has seemingly accepted cryptocurrency. The market value of Bitcoin alone is a strong opening argument for cryptocurrencies being mainstream. This global demand is what the cryptocurrency hoped for; however, it has its drawbacks.

Relite Finance addresses some of these decentralized operational shortcomings through its lending and borrowing platform, especially when the…

Dear Relite Finance community,

Thank you for your continued support of Relite Finance! We wanted to give you some exciting updates that concern you all:

1. Relite Finance Private Sale Closed & 100x Oversubscribed:

We have closed our Private Sale capital raise in which we raised over $1mm. Our Private Sale of RELI was highly coveted and we were oversubscribed by nearly $100mm! We’d like to thank all of you for the support and interest. We’re sorry we couldn’t accept investment from everyone interested but we will be performing a public sale (IDO) on PAID’s Ignition platform soon!

2. New Relite Finance Advisory Team Members:

Orion Depp (New) of Master Ventures (Managing Partner, Master Ventures Polkadot…

Relite: Degragmenting DeFi

Crypto lending has exploded in popularity over the last two years, powering the DeFi boom that’s seen over $52 billion locked into decentralized finance. The bulk of this value has come courtesy of lending protocols such as Compound, Maker, and Aave, currently the top three dApps based on TVL.

The burgeoning crypto lending market is not without its downsides, however. For one thing, borrowers and lenders are limited to assets that are native to the blockchain in question, usually Ethereum. And for another, they’re at the mercy of high network fees on the blockchain in question — again, usually Ethereum.

We are excited to announce our first community-driven competition dubbed Relite Creative. 🤩

Are you an artist, gifs creator, meme master, or graphics designer?

Relite Finance is inviting you to put your creativity into a competition with your fellow community members. 🙀

Instructions below.

Share your:

💥 Meme

💥 Gifs

💥 Video

💥 Infographics

💥 Stickers

💥 Or-just-your-epic-idea

To be eligible:

  1. Your work should be of good quality, original, or at least viral.
  2. You must include #meme $RELI in the description!
  3. You must join Relite Telegram and Twitter.
  4. Make sure to mention @relitefinance on Twitter when submitting your work and…

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