Relite Welcomes the Partnership with Shield Finance & Announces the $SHLD Pool Opening
2 min readJun 7, 2021
Relite Finance cross-chain lending platform partners up with Shield
Relite x Shield Finance partnership

Dear Relite Finance Community,

We are proud to announce the partnership with Shield Finance, a multi-chain DeFi Insurance Aggregator aimed at users’ funds protection. This is one more significant step towards building a reliable lending platform, fully sustainable to the market turbulence.

Thanks to Shield Finance and their Market Crash Protection contracts, all $RELI holders will obtain a financial protection option for their Relite government token funds. Shield Finance will cover the loss in case of a potential price drop due to a market-wide sell-off. The insurance by Shield will guarantee a fixed price for the assets despite the potential market situation, so the clients’ $RELI would always be repurchased.

Another pleasant news to share is the $SHLD pool opening on the Relite platform so that once it rolls out, the Shield Finance native token will become available for instant cross-chain lending on Relite!

Speaking of this promising collaboration, George Groshkov and Denis Gorbachev, the two proud CEOs of Relite and Shield Finance, have underlined the importance and mutual benefit expected from the partnership.

Denis Gorbachev, CEO of Shield Finance: “Relite is a great partner. We’ve already been helping each other even before the formal partnership. This announcement makes official what we’ve already agreed upon earlier. Looking forward to developing our products together & integrating them to provide a better experience for traders & investors.”

George Groshkov, CEO of Relite: “I couldn’t be more glad to welcome this amazing partnership! The collaboration with Shield Finance will add more sustainability to the Relite native token, preventing all $RELI holders from unexpected loss caused by the highly volatile market. Another great thing is having a $SHLD token pool available for instant cross-chain lending on our upcoming platform.”

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