Relite Finance | Company Updates | Volume. 4
3 min readJul 6, 2021
Company Updates — Volume 4

Dear Relite Finance community,

It’s time for another exciting Relite Finance community update! We are making progress at light speed. It’s crazy to think we just performed our IDO under two months ago. It feels like it’s been years in the crypto world. While the markets fluctuate, Relite is here for the long term and will build in both bull and bear markets.

  1. Relite Finance 2021–22 Roadmap
Relite Finance 2021–22 Roadmap

First and foremost, now that the Relite Finance fundraising is complete and RELI is trading, Relite has announced its new strategic roadmap for 2021 and 2022. This includes the product’s new marketing and business development initiatives as follows:

August/September 2021: Relite is launching Staking & Rewards and incentives for providing Liquidity. Namely, Relite is launching rewards for USDC, DAI, and, indeed, RELI.

October 2021: MVP release — an initial version of Relite’s DeFi platform App: Users will be able to borrow and lend ETH, DAI, and BNB.

November 2021: DOT lending and the Relite Reserve Fund launch.

Q1 2022: Expanded loans on the platform, including Flash & Margin loans

Q2 2022: NFT collateralized loans and pools opening for UNI, ADA, and SOL. In addition, Relite is launching on Polygon (Matic) & releasing their Mobile App.

Q3 2022: Relite is launching fully interoperable cross-chain lending between BTC, ETH, DOT & the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Q4 2022: Synth Phase: Relite is launching Synthetic & Real-world asset lending & borrowing as well as one-click lending.

Check out the article to get into more details on Relite 2021–22 Roadmap.

2. BSC Bridge Implementation

Relite Finance implements an Ethereum-to-BSC bridge

Relite has launched its Cross-chain Ethereum-to-Binance Smart Chain (BSC) bridge. From now on, users are able to swap RELI tokens between the Ethereum & BSC networks in a matter of minutes. Once the RELI pool on PancakeSwap was launched, the demand for this bridge increased rapidly.

The launch of the BSC bridge is vital to Relite’s long-term goal of scalability and interoperability. It helps Relite to prepare for their full-scale platform launch by building a stronger userbase and providing those users with almost negligible fees relative to the high ETH network transfer & gas fees. The user experience is also enhanced significantly as we’ve deployed a custom UX.

Try out the cross-chain $RELI token swaps directly on the bridge!

3. Strategic Partnership with Reef Finance

Relite partners with Reef Finance

Relite has entered into a strategic partnership with Reef Finance to strengthen its presence within the Polkadot community. This partnership allows Relite access to partnerships, marketing, advisory, grants, & exchange listings.

Relite will enter Reef’s developer ecosystem, allowing Relite to integrate and offer a suite of new product features. In addition, Relite’s RELI token will be listed on Reef’s new Finance DEX. The Relite Team considers this partnership a vital one, as Reef is one of the leaders within the Polkadot ecosystem and a Binance-listed coin with a massive 200,000 user community on Twitter.

That’s it for now! We hope you’ve enjoyed this company update and thank you for your support in our long-term goals. As a last note, we continue talking to Centralized Exchanges (CEXs), so we hope to have one finalized soon!

Thank You All!

The Relite Finance Team

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