Relite ($RELI) and Reef ($REEF) Finance Announce Strategic Partnership
4 min readJun 29, 2021
Relite partners with Reef Finance.

Relite Finance is excited to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with Reef Finance!

Denko Mancheski, founder and CEO of Reef Finance, said of the partnership:

“The Reef Finance team is delighted to see Relite Finance will deploy its cross-chain lending protocol on Reef Chain! Reef users will gain access to a new platform that adds more liquidity and usability to Reef, and we are confident Relite will instantly see more users and liquidity brought to the platform.”

Relite Finance’s CEO George Groshkov echoed a similar sentiment stating:

“Reef Finance is arguably one of DeFi’s biggest and best-supported projects. To enter into a strategic partnership with them is setting up Relite Finance in great stead for a vibrant future.”

This partnership will enable RELI to onboard the Reef Chain Developer Support Program and be a part of an unpreceded group of elite burgeoning Polkadot-based DeFi projects that will allow both ecosystems to enjoy guidance and top tier support for exponential growth and mutually sustained development.

Entering into this crucial partnership with Reef allows Relite an even stronger foundation to evolve and have substantial resources available to support our expansion in various ways. In addition, the partnership will also provide Reef with an opportunity to play a significant role in the advancement towards Relite becoming the benchmark in cross-chain lending protocol services.

What positives will Relite Finance enjoy?

Entering into Reef’s ever-expanding Developer Ecosystem has several key benefits. Primarily among them is Relite will now enjoy access to Reef’s comprehensive array of vital features that will aid in the growth of the projects within its program. In addition, the primary tenant’s Reef will provide support and instruction towards include:

  • Partnerships
  • Marketing and PR
  • Advisory
  • Grants
  • Investor Access
  • Exchanges

Like our recently announced live Ethereum and BSC Bridge, the partnership will also enable a cross-chain bridge between Ethereum and Reef Chain for $RELI holders. This will continue to provide convenience and accessibility for our token holders.

Reef is constantly adding the best projects to its upcoming Reef Finance DEX, and listing $RELI will be no different. Like our exchange listings on Uniswap and PancakeSwap, this will provide access for $RELI tokens to be traded on the Reef DEX, thereby continuing healthy growth in the options available for $RELI tokens accessibility.

Lastly, the Reef Finance community is among the strongest and most vibrant within the entire crypto ecosystem. It enjoys feverish support from a vocal and loyal group of community members always backing the project. With almost 200K followers on Twitter and 40K Telegram members, Reef will promote and market RELI to their community, allowing our brand awareness and popularity to increase massively and enjoy substantial collateral benefits.

$REEF token holders will gain access to new staking options and more

Relite Finance will open a dedicated staking $REEF token pool for their community and enable lending and borrowing for $REEF token holders. This means they will enjoy Relite’s more straightforward and user-friendly ecosystem and allow for additional rewards for $REEF holders in the form of fees while strengthening the Relite ecosystem by enabling lower collateral and improved system stability.

At Relite, we aim to be the premium cross-chain lending protocol in the entirety of the DeFi ecosystem. Our alliance with Reef will enable us to allow cross-chain liquidity for other tokens in the Reef ecosystem. The convenience of this cannot be understated for the Reef community. Through our simple, intuitive, and accessible UX and platform, cross-chain liquidity for tokens such as Ethereum and Bitcoin will be available in a few clicks.

Knowledge and learning are paramount in any industry, especially for an industry nascent and innovative as DeFi. Part of our partnership means both Relite and Reef will exchange know-how and expertise to develop cross-chain functionality and scalability. Having some of the best minds work collectively and closely will only make any task at hand easier to solve and in an exponentially more efficient and comprehensive manner, resulting in a wider long-term success for both ecosystems.

Future Cross-promotions

To kick off this fantastic new partnership, Relite and Reef Finance will be holding joint-venture AMA’s that will allow both communities to learn more about collaboration and upcoming plans. These are yet to be scheduled, and we will share further information as soon as we have full confirmation.

Taking advantage of more extensive and combined social media channels, we will re-share each other’s company updates on all our platforms on a bi-weekly basis to our communities. This will spread the word on any key developments and ensuring all community members are kept up-to-date with the latest company developments.

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$RELI Uniswap contract address: 0x0E58ED58E150dba5fd8e5D4A49F54C7e1E880124

Note: Please be aware that the only contract address for RELI is that stated above. There will be fraudulent versions of RELI. If in doubt, please ask an admin in the Relite Community.

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Note: Please be aware that the only contract address for RELI is that stated above. There will be fraudulent versions of RELI. If in doubt, please ask an admin in the Relite Community.

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