The Worth of $RELI: What is the Importance of our Governance Token?
5 min readJun 16, 2021
$RELI, the Governance Token of RELITE Ecosystem

The recent DeFi explosion encouraged Relite Finance to embark on a journey where our mission objectives are to deliver a trailblazing interoperable platform that ensures fair collateralization ratios and APY in a competitive decentralized market. Because of the astronomical rise, the market could not adequately prepare for the more sophisticated challenges that required tailored innovative solutions. This inspires us on our journey.

$RELI powers transactions and fair governance

We are expanding a platform whose success is intertwined with $RELI — our native token that powers transactions and fair governance in the ecosystem. On the matter of governance primarily, $RELI provides the foundation through which we will achieve a fully functional DAO targeted at making our community the essential contributing pillar — deciding the future of Relite.

A graph that depicts the Relite governance voting logic. For a more detailed explanation of the voting system, please view it here.

$RELI is the central focus in our ecosystem

Our goal has always been to provide a simple cross-chain borrowing and lending platform with sustainable fees. A vital piece in achieving our target is a fully functional $RELI; it plays a crucial role in governance and platform transaction.

Serving the Relite community is one of our core driving principles. Our platform is designed to prioritize service to our community first before everything else. Therefore, we believe in having the Relite community at the very heart of decision-making concerning the future and direction of Relite as it directly affects their overall experience in our ecosystem.

$RELI allows proposals and voting

Through $RELI, our community has an equitable and fair way of presenting proposals to the ecosystem. The same token also creates a fair provision for voting on these proposals. Consequently, $RELI enables the community to collectively decide on the most beneficial ways to exist peacefully in the Relite ecosystem.

$RELI enables the lowest possible fees and de-risks the system

$RELI also plays the crucial role of sustaining fees at the lowest possible levels. One of our token allocations in our tokenomics is a reserve fund. The fund’s primary goal is to protect the community from over-collateralization and de-risk the system in case of a shortfall event due to the volatility that occasionally occurs in the blockchain economy. This helps keep fees within the ecosystem lower and gives more of our members access to borrowing due to the low collateral requirements.

We push the limits of collateralization ratios that provide favorable borrowing conditions for the community and safeguard the principal from the lender. Thus, without $RELI, there is no means of transaction, no apparent means of governance, and certainly no active ecosystem.

User-focused tokenomics

The Relite token metrics. A greater breakdown can be viewed here.

Our user-focused token distribution system

Aside from low fees and a fair governance system, participating in the ecosystem through $RELI also has other beneficial factors. The benefits are in the form of two pools that we offer; standard pools without maturity and pools with fixed interest rates and maturity.

$RELI Staking

We reward our community members for participating in safeguarding the health of the borrowing system in place. Users can stake their tokens in the reserve fund and earn rewards directly from this. We also give payouts from the loan margin proportional to what our users have staked. Thus, the more $RELI staked, the more rewards and payouts a user is likely to receive. The alternative wealth generation model also adds value to Relite, making our platform a more attractive option for the larger blockchain community.

$RELI Daily rewards

For merely actively participating in the ecosystem, Relite will reward you from the proceeds of liquidity mining. We have a fixed percentage of liquidity mining pool tokens that we will distribute to our borrowers and lenders daily. The provision of $RELI will help keep the token in circulation within the ecosystem, thus increasing the overall health and performance of $RELI. Moreover, free $RELI means more tokens to increase your token holdings.

Our tokenomics focuses on keeping our community happy through various passive earning mechanisms via token generation.

Encouraging feedback from the $RELI community

Based on the response we received during our IDO, we believe that our value proposition resonates with what our community desires in a decentralized platform. Our IDO performance was monumental, with over $100M in $RELI oversubscribed. We look forward to future engagement and support from you as we strive to deliver an efficient borrowing and lending platform.

As we gradually head towards achieving our goal, we are encouraged by your participation and support. We are also making progress behind the scenes and announcing new achievements as they come. Recently, $RELI was listed on the world’s largest decentralized exchange platform, Uniswap. $RELI’s performance following the initial listing was a tremendous success and has continued to perform well ever since. Our listing provides more liquidity to all our token holders. You can now trade $RELI comfortably over on Uniswap.

Buy $RELI on Uniswap

$RELI Uniswap contract address: 0x0E58ED58E150dba5fd8e5D4A49F54C7e1E880124

Note: Please be aware that the only contract address for RELI is that stated above. There will be fraudulent versions of RELI. If in doubt, please ask an admin in the Relite Community.

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Note: Please be aware that the only contract address for RELI is that stated above. There will be fraudulent versions of RELI. If in doubt, please ask an admin in the Relite Community.

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