Empowering businesses via NFTs, a $300B market, and the Relite pivot

The new vision for Relite and NFTs

Relite is all set to light up the NFT scene by letting businesses to participate in NFT minting, management and distribution using RELI token and the infrastructure it powers.

We always recognized the transformative potential of non-fungible tokens and what they mean for the future of asset creation, distribution and ownership. However, for all their popularity, NFTs remain largely inaccessible for mainstream businesses without the support of dedicated and highly specialized resources. Relite changes that.

The lending case

What’s coming up for you and Relite?

We work directly with artists, digital-first brands and traditional SMEs for seamless onboarding and execution, alongside pursuing key strategic partnerships to give consumers additional flexibility, such as the ability to buy NFTs with on/off ramp fiat payment channels.

The opportunity is massive

Many big businesses, including Adidas and Nike, have already launched their NFT-based experiences to great success. Their attempts have proven that this is an incredible opportunity for creative businesses that aim to boost their E-commerce initiatives to not only make more sales but create highly engaged and loyal communities of customers.

However, these businesses have massive resources at their disposal, allowing them to execute their vision. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of small businesses and enterprises:

“…minting NFTs for my community is beyond what I can put myself and the team through,” said one larger Etsy seller.

Some of the obvious hurdles these businesses face include the following:

  1. Lack of know-how about crypto markets, blockchain tech and NFTs
  2. No experience in terms of blockchain development, smart contracts and NFT minting
  3. Lack of resources to hire experts to manage and maintain their NFT collections
  4. Lack of technology and connections to set up and manage payment channels to directly distribute NFTs

Faced with these barriers to entry, not only are businesses missing out on this massive opportunity, but they are also falling behind when it comes to their competitive advantage in the market.

The RELI solution

OpenSea is the biggest NFT marketplace today, but it only acts as the middleman for secondary market participants. Relite is building a dedicated platform that allows businesses to handle NFT minting, management and distribution at scale to grow sales and increase their revenue.

Our platform’s key benefits are as follows:

  1. Mint and manage NFT collections without development experience or resources
  2. Seamlessly onboard customers and give them access to various payment channels
  3. Distribute NFTs directly to customers at scale without going through expensive smart contract coding

Some of the use cases for businesses include:

  1. Create modern and attractive gamified experiences to acquire new customers
  2. Raise funds for new initiatives and create loyal communities in the process
  3. Delegate membership and governance rights to community members
  4. Reward customers with exclusive digital + physical items, discounts and other incentives

In summary, the Relite platform allows e-commerce to drive marketing and business results with NFTs in an easy and affordable manager with zero coding and development input.

Moreover, our strategic partnerships will enable fiat payment channels, including the ability to use debit cards for NFT purchases, and our app (Android and iOS) will create seamless user experiences.

We envision a future where Relite’s infrastructure bridges the gap between NFTs and digital businesses (via APIs, WordPress plugins, Shopify and Etsy integrations, etc.), allowing creative brands to quickly adapt and execute innovative campaigns meeting consumer demands and expectations.

The RELI token and infrastructure

To make this possible, 90% of the smart contracts we built during the initial phase will be transitioned over to this new model.

RELI token model showing use cases within the Relite ecosystem

While earlier $RELI distribution schedules for investors will finish in June, we’ve also set up new lock-up periods for the team and treasury.

You can learn more about the $RELI token here.



  • Concept Creation
  • Business Model Development
  • Sys Architecture
  • Prototype and Product Design (MVP UX/UI)
  • Technical Roadmap
  • RELI CEX Listing


  • MVP: NFT collection creation/minting tool
  • Seamless Wallet Creation
  • Payment Gateway: FIAT On/off-Ramp
  • Staking RELI (Additional Token Utility)
  • Ecommerce Module + Plugins
  • 100 Business Customers on the platform


  • Expanding Admin Module
  • RELI On-Ramp
  • Relite Consumer App
  • Tax Report Statements

Q1, Q2–2023

  • New Distribution Module
  • Community Management System
  • Intranet Integrations
  • NFT Collection Marketplace for Consumers

Q3, Q4-2023

  • Advanced minting / Additional Utilities
  • 500 Business Customers on the platform
  • 50K Relite APP users
  • 1M NFTs minted

Thank you for the support

Your belief in our ability to execute and your contributions in the form of knowledge-sharing, networking and insights are what help us move ahead with passion.

No one promised it will be easy, but we believe persistence and focus on our broader vision of making crypto-based solutions and products more accessible for mass adoption will result in a bright future for Relite, our backers and our community.

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Empowering businesses with NFTs

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