$RELI: Ethereum-to-BSC Bridge is Now LIVE

Relite Finance implements an Ethereum-to-BSC bridge

Following our announcement of $RELI listing on PancakeSwap, the Relite Finance team is thrilled to share more exciting news with our community!

The $RELI token bridge for Ethereum ↔️ Binance Smart Chain (BSC) swaps and vice versa is now live.

The token bridge increases interoperability between both Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum blockchain. It, more importantly, allows our $RELI holders to seamlessly swap their tokens to and from both networks within a few clicks.

While the contracts of the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum bridges are separate, users can access both bridges using the same front-end by connecting the same MetaMask account to migrate the $RELI tokens across each network.

The token bridge has several crucial advantages for $RELI holders:

  • Access to the BSC ecosystem
  • Significantly lowered gas fees
  • More efficient user experience

How do I use the $RELI token bridge?

Getting started and completing the process is very simple; all users have to do is follow these steps:

1. Connect your MetaMask to BSC or Ethereum Mainnet.

A comprehensive guide on connecting your MetaMask to the BSC network is available here.

2. Head over to the Relite Token Bridge web app

Choose which network you would like to swap the tokens to and from, by selecting the correct one in the top right-hand corner.

3. The landing page will switch to Binance or Ethereum, depending on which network you choose.

4. Input the number of $RELI you would like swapped and then click transfer.

NOTE: Both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain charge gas fees for transactions on their platforms. Ethereum users must have a sufficient balance of $ETH in their wallet, and for BSC, the native currency is $BNB, which will also be needed to complete transactions.

That’s it! The process is completed effortlessly. Along with the massive advantage of lower gas fees on the BSC network, $RELI users will enjoy further comparable benefits, including allowing Relite Finance to unlock and grow a very advantageous position among the increasingly prominent BSC community. This will qualify for further network adoption of Relite’s platform and ultimately aid in our objective of providing a decentralized cross-chain protocol for the masses.

Buy $RELI on Uniswap

$RELI Uniswap contract address: 0x0E58ED58E150dba5fd8e5D4A49F54C7e1E880124

Note: Please be aware that the only contract address for RELI is that stated above. There will be fraudulent versions of RELI. If in doubt, please ask an admin in the Relite Community.

Buy $RELI on Pancake Swap

$RELI Pancake Swap contract address: 0x7015a4b6ec17b64e09252a99f9f6e7feee6c37eb

Dextools Profile

Note: Please be aware that the only contract address for RELI is that stated above. There will be fraudulent versions of RELI. If in doubt, please ask an admin in the Relite Community.

Move your $RELI to Binance Smart Chain, or reverse it back to Ethereum. Check out the app bridge.

Stay tuned via Relite’s social media to learn more about what’s to come.

Follow Relite Blog to stay on top of our latest updates!




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