There are two words on the lips of everyone in the blockchain space right now; DeFi and NFT.

Here at Relite HQ, we’re a huge fan of both! As the Relite platform launches and we continue to deliver on our roadmap, Relite users will be able to unlock the world of DeFi through their NFTs. Using NFTs as collateral, the open future of finance will be a little more open.

The Relite NFT Competition

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Relite, and as another way to say thank you to our rapidly growing and dedicated community, we’re launching a contest with 6 Relite themed NFTs up for grabs. Oh, we forgot to mention, each of these will be attached to some fantastic art!


4x Regular Relite NFT

Relite Regular NFT (Design 1)
Relite Regular NFT (Design 2)

These nifty looking tokens, which come in two different designs, will unlock future utility on the Relite platform and are a must-have for any Relite fan!

1x Rare Relite NFT

Relite Rare NFT

Remember when you pulled a shiny from a pack of Pokemon cards? Well, this is just like that. Holders of the rare Relite NFT will unlock additional allocation in the RELI IDO.

1x Legendary NFT

Relite Legendary NFT

The King. The Top Dog. The One and Only.

With only one Legendary Relite NFT set to be minted, this is your opportunity to become the one and only. Whoever is holding the Legendary NFT at the time of the IDO will access additional allocation and, most importantly, it comes with full bragging rights. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to grab that.

How to Enter

Become a Relite Community Hero

The Relite Community is truly at the core of the project and, therefore, at the forefront of decentralised finance.

Get involved on Telegram for your chance to win, we’d love to see:

  • Helping with questions
  • Offering support for the community and Relite
  • Content creation
  • Being an all-round amazing ambassador!

Timeline: May 5 — May 26

Prizes: 1x Rare 1x Regular

2 Winners will be selected by our CM Team with the help of the reputation bot

Refer Your Friends

Popular? Then you might have an advantage. Invite your friends to the Relite community to be in with a chance to grab an NFT.

You’ll need a special referral link to get started with this one. You can grab yours from our Telegram channel here.

Everyone who refers at least two friends to the Relite community will be in with a chance to win!

Timeline: May 5 — May 21

Prizes: 2x Regular

Create a Tagline Contest

Introduce a short & catchy #tagline for the Relite NFT! Choose the “Create a Tagline Contest” option in the Gleam form, and tweet your tagline. Make sure you didn’t miss the #ReliteNFTContest hashtag!

We will award the best #tagline with a Regular NFT!

Let us Know Your DeFi Desires

Let us know what you’re excited about when it comes to the launch of Relite, and share your opinion on which problems in #DeFi still need to be addressed. Fill in the relevant section in the Gleam form and tweet it using the #ReliteNFTContest hashtag!

The best idea will be awarded with a Legendary Relite NFT!

Check out our Gleam form for more insights on how to join our contest on Twitter!

What the (n)F(t) is An NFT?

In short, an NFT is a ‘non-fungible-token’. What does this mean? Well, think of it like this:

There are two glasses in front of you, one is filled with water, the other is empty. Now, you can easily pour the water from the full glass to the empty one, and vice versa, in full or in part. However, you can’t remove part of the glass and swap it with the other, or combine them in any way. In this scenario, the water is fungible, and the glass is non-fungible.

Wait, wait, if you’re not following along, we hear you. How is this applicable to crypto?

With Bitcoin, or RELI, you can divide the single asset into many parts and transfer these freely. NFTs cannot be broken down, the tokens are always sent in their entirety.

The real world use cases of NFTs have not yet been fully explored. Some of the major use cases include; proof of ownership for digital art and tokenised assets, domains (think ENS), and the sports industry. In fact, even the NBA are getting involved with this new wave of technology.

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