The Relite Finance IDO Timeline
2 min readMay 16, 2021
Relite Finance: IDO Timeline

Eight months ago the Relite Finance team set out on a mission with one goal in mind; to redefine the DeFi space. As proponents of the decentralised finance ecosystem, we saw all the beauty and potential of what is sure to be the future of finance, but the flaws presented themselves equally obviously.

That’s why we created Relite, to address the problems of interoperability, usability, and over collateralisation. We’re on track to do that, and a whole lot more.

The RELI token generation event will accompany the IDO on Paid Network’s Ignition Launchpad. There’s no doubt that the hard work, efforts, and excitement shared by our community were a major contributing factor that led us to where we are today. The details of the upcoming IDO are shared below.

Thank you!

Note:There are fake $RELI tokens on Uniswap, please don’t try to buy any before the official $RELI is publicly listed on exchange(s).


  • IDO Date : May 17th, 2021–11:00 AM UTC
  • IDO Price : $0.045
  • IDO will follow the standard tier system by Paid Ignition Team until $0.5M is reached
  • Make sure your address is whitelisted to participate in the IDO
  • We will publish the $RELI contract address on 1:00 PM UTC through our official channels only.

Relite IDO — Timeline

  • 10:45 AM UTC — The Relite Telegram channel will be muted
  • 11:00 AM UTC — IDO starts on Paid Ignition Launchpad
  • 1:00 PM UTC — IDO closes. Uniswap listing goes live
  • 1:15 PM UTC — IDO participants can claim their tokens from Paid Ignition Launchpad
  • 1:30 PM UTC — Official Chat will be unmuted

About Relite Finance

A decentralized, cross-chain lending protocol re-defining crypto money markets.

Built on Polkadot.

Relite is on track to tear down the walls of accessibility to the world of decentralized finance by transforming the user experience, cost, and lack of interoperability which restricts the evolution of the DeFi ecosystem.

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