Relite Finance Partners with PARSIQ & Announces the Upcoming PRQ Pool Launch
2 min readMay 31, 2021
Relite Finance partners with PARSIQ

Dear Relite community,

We are thrilled to announce the partnership with PARSIQ, a cutting-edge blockchain analytics platform. This partnership consists of two significant steps that add an extra security level to the Relite ecosystem and PRQ pool opening.

At first, Relite will integrate the PARSIQ’s real-time data streaming technology to adopt their exceptional monitoring solution to our platform. This will build a secure and transparent track on the lending and borrowing thresholds and ease the capital movements’ analytics.

As for the second step, a dedicated PRQ (PARSIQ native token) pool will be launched on the Relite Finance platform so that the users could take advantage of lending and borrowing the PRQ token.

What is PARSIQ, and What Does this Partnership Bring?

PARSIQ is a next-gen analytics platform that connects blockchain data with off-chain apps. With its intelligent solutions and reliable technology, PARSIQ tracks the activity throughout the particular blockchain, provides its users with real-time data on the network’s performance, and notifies them according to the preset trigger criteria.

Working on the interoperable money market protocol, we at Relite Finance always need to monitor various pools’ real-time statuses closely and track their condition. The PARSIQ technology is an excellent solution for a decentralized ecosystem, with a great number of wallets and pools to keep track of.

Bringing New Usability to PRQ Token

The next step of this partnership will be a dedicated PRQ token pool launch. This will allow people to lend and borrow PRQ, use at is collateral against the loans in other currencies, and generally expand PRQ trading capabilities. The PRQ pool launch is coming soon, please keep an eye on our further updates!

The reliable data in DeFi lending is worth its weight of gold, so the cooperation with an industry-leading data analyzes provider adds a lot of value to the Relite Finance ecosystem.

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