Relite Finance | Company Updates | Vol. 3

Company Updates — Volume 3

Dear Relite Finance community,

Thank you for your continued support of Relite Finance! As we have successfully performed our IDO on PAID’s Ignition platform, even in these trying market conditions, we are now on to enacting our strategy and have several updates for you!

1. Collaboration with Parsiq

Relite has partnered with Parsiq to monitor its wallets’ all blockchain activity. Parsiq will enable predictability on capital movements and lending and borrowing thresholds. This partnership is significant for Relite, as it will secure our DeFi protocol with real-time analytics and automation, making it one of the most transparent DeFi protocols in the industry! In addition, Relite will provide a dedicated pool for Parsiq’s token holders and enable lending and borrowing of Parsiq’s PRQ token. In addition, this partnership will allow for cross-chain lending between the Parsiq (PRQ), Polkadot (DOT), and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token.

2. BSC Bridge Implementation

Relite is officially commencing its multi-chain approach with a build on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and launch for trading on PancakeSwap on June 11th! This will enable asset transferability between ETH, RELI, & BNB and eliminate high gas fees! We believe the launch on Binance Smart Chain & PancakeSwap will allow us to offer amazingly attractive APYs, cross-chain interoperability, and low gas fees and tap into a unique and highly-coveted community within Binance Smart Chain and open up many doors for us. With this, we will be launching a Trading and LP program with staking pools on PancakeSwap.

3. Uniswap Pool Migration

Lastly, Relite will be performing a migration from Uniswap V2 to V3 on June 15th. This means we will have much better liquidity and market-making due to the new Uniswap AMM integration and program and much faster and robust trading. From what we have seen, this will mean less price slippage and more support for the RELI coin. We are also working on a Liquidity provider program for Uniswap that allows users to share in the trading profits from Uniswap V3 transactions. Overall, we believe this will result in a much better overall trading experience for our users.

We have some other goodies in store for all of you in the coming month so stay tuned 😉 We know things in DeFi can seem a bit slow, but once they ramp up, they ramp up fast! With Polkadot’s and Kusama’s auctions coming, we expect a lot of activity and news around the Relite project and RELI coin!

Thank You All!

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Empowering businesses with NFTs

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