Open Call For NFT Artists: $5K Up For Grabs
2 min readAug 10, 2021

Whether you’re a graphic design guru, a veteran NFT artist, or just a Microsoft Paint pioneer, here’s an opportunity to win $5,000 USDT by flexing your talent! The winner of our NFT Art competition will be contributing to building cutting-edge NFT utility and be showered in recognition from the awesome Relite Community!

Apply here!

What is Relite?

Relite Finance is an innovative cross-chain lending protocol with an ambitious roadmap and a driven community of DeFi enthusiasts! Supported by Master Ventures, Rarestone Capital, The Moon Carl, and many other DeFi experts and investors. Relite is about to release its much-awaited MVP in Q4 2021.

How will your NFTs work in Relite?

As the Relite team is getting closer to the product release, we are looking for remarkable non-fungible token designs that will reflect the project’s core values and ambitions. The NFTs will be spread among major investors & our community to enhance their staking experience. Once the MVP is live, the NFTs (which could be designed by you!) will serve as a staking yield multiplier, this will serve to bring additional profits for their holders alongside future, yet unannounced, the utility for lending rates on the Relite platform.

$5,000 USDT Up for Grabs!

These specially created NFTs will have lifelong functionality within the Relite platform serving as an APY multiplier for their holders. You can apply with your portfolio and details via this form and we will select 1 artist who will design the NFTs (hint keyword: key). There will be 3 types — Gold, Silver, and Regular, each offering a different scale of utility in the Relite ecosystem.

How do I Enter?

You are welcome to fill in a contribution form to give the Relite team the opportunity to review your application (and sit in awe at your wonderful talent!) or DM us on Twitter or Telegram (the list of contacts can be found below this article).

Then we will choose and announce the best artist that will be invited to submit their final designs for the NFTs with real utility. The winning design will be announced in September 2021 and the artist will take home a $5,000 prize!

Apply to Become Relite’s NFT Artist

Please fill the form.

I’m Not an Artist, How can I Contribute?

Not an artist? Just an admirer? Not to worry, you can support us by sharing the contest on your Social Media! All you need to do is open up our Gleam form and retweet the contest tweet. Three lucky winners will get $50 USDT each!

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