Introducing: Relite Finance

A decentralized, cross-chain lending protocol re-defining crypto money markets. Built on Polkadot.

Introducing: Relite Finance

We live in a world where financial freedom is an expensive commodity.

With Relite, we want to provide an open-finance space where lending and borrowing are unstoppable and accessible to all.

We are building a cross-chain lending platform that will enable users to lend and borrow with their native cryptos in one protocol.

One protocol that can challenge the existing status quo.

The Current DeFi Space

With the launch of we will tackle 3 important pillars that DeFi needs to re-define.

  1. Interoperability
  2. Sustainability
  3. Simplicity


The lack of interoperability in the current blockchain ecosystem is one of the largest hurdles to overcome required to usher in the new, decentralised, open, financial system. Here at Relite, we’re ready to answer that call and are on track to create a multi-chain, interoperable, future in which the segregation of blockchains does not exist.

But How?

The avenue which we believe will lead to the brightest future and enable us to achieve our aim of interoperable, unstoppable, and accessible finance is; Polkadot and Parachains, the best bet against chain maximalism. On top of that, we can quikly utilise any existing contracts we have already on solidity.

By utilising the Polkadot technical stack, we’ll enable and have access to:

  1. An easy way to deploy our solidity contracts to Polkadot
  2. Access to DOT, ETH, and ERC20 tokens, and other major blockchains through one integration
  3. Polkadot bridges; enabling chains to communicate with one another whilst retaining their technical sovereignty

Why Are We Taking this Approach?

In order to achieve maximum security, our initial main contracts are written in Solidity, due to its tried and tested nature which evidences its security and robustness. However, a significant portion of the Relite stack will roll out, and thrive, on Polkadot. We will be using the Moonbeam parachain that shares the security, consensus, and cross-chain interoperability of Polkadot’s Level 0 Relay chain. Chain Bridges will be leveraged to conduct cross-chain transactions and bring functionality to Ethereum and other blockchains.


The rapid rise in the popularity of DeFi has brought about a rapid rise in fees on the Ethereum blockchain. There’s no doubt that this restricts accessibility; one of the core tenets of decentralised finance.

Average Ethereum Network Transaction Fees (Source: Etherscan)

Gas fees will keep rising.

But fees are not the only entry barrier to the world of decentralised finance. The incredibly high collateralisation users are required to provide is restrictive and contradictory to the goal of an open, decentralised, accessible system. As of today, average collateralisation is 180%. This is not sustainable.

Relite addresses this barrier to entry through several ways:

  1. De-risking the protocol with our one-of-a-kind Reserve Fund. The Reserve Fund serves as a safety module in case of a shortfall event whilst providing better collateralisation ratios to users.
  2. The more capital staked in the Reserve Fund the more secure the protocol, and the larger the rewards for the community.
  3. Variety of Pools — non-fixed and fixed-term pools. Relite pools will provide users with greater flexibility offering fluctuating, but also stable, APY which can then be backed with loan maturity contracts.
  4. By utilising the high throughput, and low transaction fees, of Polkadot we can enable a more accessible, faster, and open financial ecosystem. Moreover offering different types of liquidity: DOT, ERC20, and other assets.
  5. Offer variety of assets: DOT, ERC20 and even NFT collateral


Loans should be straight-forward, accessible, and affordable. At Relite, we’ve developed a truly accessible interface where users, novice or otherwise, are guided through the process and receive smart notifications based on their behaviour. Our user experience and flow enables users to easily deposit assets to supply liquidity, provide collateral to access a loan, and unlock the next level of finance.

3 clicks. That’s all it takes to unlock open, decentralised, and accessible financial solutions.

Tokenomics and Rewards

RELI, the governance token of the Relite protocol, sits at the centre of the Relite ecosystem. RELI serves three main purposes:


A DAO structure where the community decide on future implementations, fees, and integrations will be implemented


Users are rewarded for staking RELI and participating in the Relite ecosystem. Approximately 2.275.000 RELI will be allocated for liquidity mining. Lenders and Borrowers will receive RELI government tokens (0.1%) distributed daily


Holders will be able to stake RELI in the Reserve Fund enabling additional rewards whilst compounding the security of the protocol. Users who stake their tokens in the reserve fund receive payouts from the loan margin proportional to their stake. Currently, this is set to 1%.


*Update April 2021

Token name: RELI

Supply: 182M

Initial Supply: 14M

Hard Cap: $1.5M

Private Sale: $1M @ $0.035

Public Sale: $0.5M @ $0.045

Vesting Schedule

Team: 12 month lock-up, 12 month vesting

Private: 12 month vesting, 1/12 per month release

Advisors: 12 month vesting, 1/12 per month release

Public: No lock-up

Why Relite?

Relite possesses several competitive advantages:

Cross-chain approach

From day 1 Relite is building its solution around interoperability. We allow seamless communication between different chains.

Pools for dedicated Polkadot ecosystem tokens

Holders of DOT and related Polkadot projects will have dedicated lending and borrowing pools enabling high liquidity. This is unique to the Relite protocol.

Lower fees and Interest Rates for borrowers

Much lower fees for contract execution enabled by Polkadot scalability and pool flexibility. Reasonable interest and accessible collateral ratios for borrowers.

Reshaping the DeFi Landscape

With our open, bold, and innovative approach, Relite is set to reshape the DeFi landscape. With an accessible, user-friendly, and affordable solution to decentralised finance, we’re set to tear down the barriers of DeFi; the evolution in the financial system which should have no barriers of entry from the outset.


Q2 2021

  • ETH, DAI, and DOT pools
  • Reserve Fund Implementation
  • External Contract Audit
  • Liquidity Rewards

Q3 2021

  • Gradual Migration to Polkadot
  • Bridges and Parachains implementation
  • NFT Collateral

Q4 2021

  • Full interoperability
  • Polkadot + ERC20 Asset Pools

Q1 + Q2 2022

  • Initial Governance Structure
  • Credit insurance
  • Flash loans

Q3 + Q4 2022

  • Full DAO implementation
  • Synthetics and real-world assets
  • Credit transferability

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